Garden Designers and Landscapers… Enhance your design signature with Trees of Distinction!

Because of the nature of our business, our range of trees available is constantly changing. Most of our trees are completely unique and once they’re sold, they’re irreplaceable. The reason our well-established mature trees are so unique, irreplaceable and valuable is because we are essentially selling time.

However we always have a large variety and quantity of stock available at any one time. This is due to our years of accumulation of existing stock, and our readily-available access to in-ground specimens from around the region.

Often our clients come and view our trees onsite or talk with Jon in the initial stages of their design process, to give them inspiration & possibilities for their upcoming projects. Our trees really do lift their newly renovated gardens to a superior level, so its worth including a statement tree if possible. Why be ordinary when you can be amazing?!!!


Architects… We may be able to provide solutions for resource consent requirements, which often require large trees to replace existing ones or to mitigate the effects of a new development.


Local Governments… We have had many years experience supplying trees for parks, roadways and local amenities. Instant trees form an integral part of planning in city developments where green space is limited or height and width dimensions are compromised by other structures.


Direct To The Public… Trees of Distinction does not sell direct to the public or the end-user. This is because our trees are very individual and we recommend you make an informed decision with your preferred landscape consultant to select the most appropriate tree for your situation. Professionals can provide expert advice and have the correct equipment and skills to safely have your tree installed and maintained.