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Camellia Mini no Yuki

Common Name: Camellia Moonlight


These trees are truly spectacular! Please enquire about our fabulous Cameliia Mine-No-Yuki, we can provide further images to show the unique form of each individual tree and details on pricing etc. They demand attention with their striking multiple branches topped with generous tufts of deep green glossy foliage. Each tree has an entirely unique random branching structure. Like a freedom dancer, the branches independently sprawl in different directions, arching and cascading into their own individual beautiful formation. This Camellia smothers itself with loose semi-double pure white flowers during the autumn. Useful for hedges/esaplier work. Plant in full sun or dappled shade in well drained acidic soil. Not tolerant of drought. Prune after flowering.


Email admin@treesofdistinction.co.nz to check availability and get further details on our Camellia Mini no Yuki