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Diospyros ‘hachiya’

This beautiful Astringent Persimmon Tree of between approximately 90-120 years old was saved from imminent destruction in 2013, where it was located next to the long dilapidated historic buildings of the Pony Express Post in South Auckland. It took a determined effort of all involved to save this heritage tree from succumbing to the dreaded chainsaw. Now sitting comfortably in its new position on our estate, the Persimmon Tree is looking for a very special home perhaps in another historic property of significance.

This tree is special, filled with character and dignity. It has central leader which expands into 3 sturdy trunks, giving it visual balance and a sense of harmony, while spreading outward and upward to its encompassing full foliage. The thick, heavily textured bark resembles an alligators skin and the leaves are broad and veiny, luscious and vibrant. The Autumn color is highly ornamental and the brilliant fiery colors extend for a long period on the tree.

Persimmons are a relatively uncommon fruit; they are sweet and juicy and as this is a very old astringent tree the fruit must be left to ripen fully before eating. Rich in vitamin A and B the persimmon is a excellent source of fiber and best eaten raw to enjoy the most nutritional value. Also suitable for preserves and cooking.

The tree is not only valued for its fruit but also for its wood; as a member of the Ebenaceae [ebony] family having strong, durable and resistant timber which among other things is used to make golf club heads, flooring, veneers and billiard cues.

Please contact us to view this distinguished tree.