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Magnolia grandiflora ‘Ferrugenia’


Common Name: Evergreen Magnolia


This popular tree is easily recognized by its iconic evergreen foliage. The large boastful leaves are a brilliantly glossy bright green which contrasts starkly with the soft rust-coloured velvety underside. beautiful leathery leaves are prized in floral arrangements. An effective combination of colours and textures, this foliage has adorned many landscapes over the years, toning in nicely with copper spouting, terracotta roof tiles, corten steel fencing, or any other infrastructure with similar tones. In late summer this Magnolia flaunts a covering of large cup-shaped ivory-coloured fragrant flowers. This sturdy tree naturally takes on an elegant round-headed shape. Magnolias can be pollarded into common shape and size to become a stunning avenue of trees or boundary line. Alternatively if preferred these trees can be left to grow untamed to become grand stately park specimens. A native of Florida and Texas. This species prefers warm moist conditions and responds well to heavy pruning.


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