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Syzygium Resilience™


Syzygium Resilience is a superior cultivar of the of Syzygium Australe, or more commonly known as a Lilly Pilly. This unique variety is new to the NZ market and is solely available through Boulevard and Boutique. The improved characteristics of the Syzygium Resilience variety is a result of a specialised propagation technique, giving it fantastic benefits such as a high resistance to psyllids, faster growing, having a stronger and straighter central leader, and a better root system.

The Lilly Pilly species are an ideal plant for the temperate zones of NZ, and are extremely popular. They are used largely for hedging or screening, and also a good option for pots. It is a versatile tree that produces spectacular colourful new foliage which mature into deep green, glossy leaves. It requires either full sun or part shade, low water requirement, and responds well to pruning.

Psyllids cause an unsightly deformation of the leaves. The Syzygium Resilience will dramatically reduce the use of dangerous sprays and chemicals in your gardens. Syzygium Resilience is the only known cultivar of type that is resistant to Psyllid bugs.


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