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Trees and Shrubs for Foliage


By (author) Glyn Church , Photographs by Pat Greenfield

Paperback, 160 Pages, Dimensions 236 x 292 x 16mm, Publisher ACC Art Books

Foliage gives shape and texture as well as colour. It is the vital contrast needed to make a garden the vibrant place that it should be. It is possible to have a garden based entirely on leaves and foliage alone, but it would be difficult to make an attractive garden if all of the flowering plants had identical leaves. The leaves are often a backdrop for the flowers and although foliage sometimes masks them, the greenery usually helps to highlight them. “Trees and Shrubs for Foliage” is a compendium of beautiful trees and shrubs with photographs specifically chosen for the extraordinary array of leaves in every shape, size and colour available for gardens in every season.