Blackbridge Nurseries

Native Trees

Aotearoa… our well-loved lush green country where the natural landscapes are diverse and spectacular, and the native trees and birdlife are so natural and beautiful.
New Zealand’s native trees are gorgeous and usually attract lovely native birds. These trees give us the warm familiar feeling of our own Kiwi culture, like the iconic New Zealand Christmas Tree with its bright crimson flowers heralding the arrival of the summer holidays. Planting native trees is an ethical practice involving giving New Zealand’s own trees back to their natural habitat.

Most of our trees are unique one-offs and every tree is very individual, so our nursery stock is constantly changing. The selection of trees shown here is just a few of the distinctive trees that we offer and it is not a representation of what we currently have in stock. Please contact Jon to enquire about availability, size details, and pricing: or 0212802875.

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